Terms and Conditions
Hotel reservations are prepaid. Your credit card will be charged when you complete your reservation. Any incidental charges will be assessed directly to you by the hotel upon check-out. Examples: Phone Calls, Room Service. Any changes to your reservation may result in hotel fees up to the full cost of your stay.

Please do not call the hotel directly to make changes or cancel this reservation, as their agents will not be able to change or issue refunds for these specially negotiated rates. If you are reserving multiple rooms at the same hotel for the same dates, you must use a different name for each reservation. Using the same name for multiple reservations may cause the hotel to cancel reservations that appear to be duplicates.

Changes to the name on a reservation are not permitted after the booking is completed. No refunds for unused nights, including those resulting from delayed check-in or early check-out, will be given.

Guests must be at least 21 years of age at time of check-in unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You must present photo ID at check in. You may be required to present a valid credit (not debit) card or cash deposit at check in for incidentals.

If you experience an issue during your trip, you must call us immediately so that we can assist you in resolving your problem. Any portion of your trip that has been used is non- refundable. We are not responsible for any modifications you make to your trip without our assistance.

Unless a specified penthouse unit type has been reserved, bed types, suite location/view and in-room amenities are subject to hotel availability unless specified in your quote and reservation.

Resort fee of $5-$10 per day and an environmental tax of approximately $3 per day to be paid by guest. Fees are subject to change at the resorts discretion.

Reservation Policies
Our reservations are paid in advance at time of booking and are non-refundable but our rates are priced so that our guests typically save thousands of dollars over the old traditional booking options and with those savings it's totally cost effective to purchase a few hundred dollars of trip insurance to protect a vacation investment.

Visit https://destinationcabo.rentalguardian.com/ to insure your trip. Many credit cards provide automatic trip insurance now too. Check out this for some examples... https://www.cardhub.com/edu/credit-card-travel-insurance/. Cancellations or changes made after check-in are subject to a 100% charge.

Your credit card is charged the total cost at time of purchase. Prices and room/unit availability are not guaranteed until full payment is received.

Some properties request that we wait to submit guest names until 7 days prior to check in. In such a case, your room/unit is reserved, but your name is not yet on file with the property.

Unless specified otherwise, rates are quoted in US dollars.

The price shown DOES NOT include any applicable property service fees, charges for optional incidentals (such as minibar snacks or telephone calls), or regulatory surcharges. The property will assess these fees, charges, and surcharges upon check- out.

We want you to have a great reservation experience and vacation, and as a result, in the event you need to cancel your reservation and you have not purchased trip insurance, we may be able to modify your reservation based on availability of the same suite and rate within 6 months of your initial reservation. Any modification is subject to the sole discretion of Destination Vacations.

Lessee(s) are responsible for damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear not covered by our mandatory damage waiver. Lessee(s) agree to provide a valid credit card, (M/C or Visa) to Lessor, which may only be charged for damage above and beyond normal wear and tear. Lessor must provide Lessee(s) an itemized description of any charges. Lessor will destroy the credit card information 14 days following the completion of the rental. MANDTORY DAMAGE WAIVER: Why worry that someone in your party might accidentally break something? Relax and enjoy your stay. If an accident happens, report the details and leave the rest to us. Our Damage Waiver is included in our Administrative Fee and covers any unintentional damage to the premises and its contents, up to $1500.00. Damage in excess of $1500.00 or damage that is deemed by Destination Cabo to be of an intentional nature will be charged to Guest‘s credit card. The damage waiver DOES NOT cover intentional damage, theft, additional cleaning; damage not covered will be charged to Guest‘s credit card. Guests must report incidents causing damage to the property immediately to (503) 210-5542.

Only the damage reported prior to departure will be covered by the damage waiver.

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